About us

Our project was born in a small workshop located in Manresa, 60 kilometers from Barcelona, where we manufacture all types of accessories for children to supply ourselves and that we expanded in 2012, when we launched our first collection aimed at the wholesale and our micumacu 100% original prints.

We are a young team and from the very beginning it was clear to us that that we wanted to do handmade products, with a controlled production and making use of nearby resources. In this way we make sure that our items are made with love and they transmit quality, freshness, originality and, above all, illusion, our fundamental values in micumacu.

We set a very personal style of very basic and comfortable shapes, but with an elaborate graphic design. Our illustrations make up a unique world, full of color and optimism, the perfect mix to reach our public: kids.

Between ourselves, one of the items that we are more excited about is our textile crown, as it was the first item which filled our shelves and still has a noted place in our store and our hearts, because it spreads the happiness and enthusiasm of those who enjoy it.